The Green TIPS Guide

The Green TIPs Guide is a ready-to-use business tool to engage employees in any organization’s sustainability efforts. Developed by NAEM in 2008, the premier association for EHS management, this ready-to-use guide provides employees simple, practical steps they can take at work and home that lead to a sustainable future. As a resource, the Green TIPs Guide allows management to inform employees of the organization’s commitment to sustainability while empowering the individual to contribute and take personal action. If you are interested in an updated/ customized employee engagement guide, please contact NAEM at (202) 986-6616.


The Business Case for Employee Engagment

Corporate leaders, HR departments and EHS teams have been challenged to engage and excite employees about corporate-wide sustainability efforts. Recognizing that involved employees promote your company’s brand and cultivate loyal customers, this guide is an effective tool to advance your sustainability program and add business value.


Put the Green TIPS Guide to Use

Your business can enhance its sustainability program today. The Green TIPs Guide has been designed to supplement employee-led green teams, recycling programs and corporate commitments to reduce waste. See how one leading company is using the Green TIPs Guide as en effective part of their sustainability program.


Customize the Green TIPS Guide

You can customize the Green TIPS guide to engage and inform employees about your organization’s specific goals, programs and business priorities. This instant resource can help you achieve your sustainability objectives through such custom options as:

  • Your logo on the front cover
  • A letter of introduction from your Sustainability Lead
  • Custom TIPs or goals that cater to your company’s business
  • Additional information about your program
  • A ‘Green Glossary’ that you can customize


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